Shairoz + Avez | Ismaili Wedding Photographer | Pithi Ceremonies| Sonesta Of Gwinnett Place

As an Ismaili wedding photographer, we always look forward to capturing the pithi ceremonies because of the amazing colors that get captured in our camera. In addition, we also get to capturing some amazing moments of the Ismaili wedding groom who gets hammered with eggs and other perishable items. Those shots make for some amazing wedding moments that we get an opportunity to showcase.

With Shairoz and Avez, it was no different when it came to depicting beautiful colors from the bride’s side and the groom side. The pithi ceremonies were held at the beautiful Sonesta of Gwinnett Place. One thing which stood out with Shairoz and Avez’s pithi ceremonies was that they started the event around 2pm and were done by 6pm since the evening was filled with Sangeet related ceremonies. This schedule worked out in everyone’s favor because of ┬ámultiple reasons. The main reason was it started and ended on time. As an Ismaili wedding photographer, it is a rare thing to see that a wedding ever starts and ends on time. ┬áThis was one of the rare moments for us and we couldn’t be more thankful to the Maredia family and the Lakhani family for making sure that the event started and ended on time.

Our favorite moment from the pithi ceremonies was the egging of Avez. We actually had Shairoz come down from her dressing room to be the first one to egg Avez. The moment was perfect because the lighting was great and it was captured without any direction. We were lucky to be ready with our cameras. Of course, the onslaught that Avez took after the first egging was also nothing short of spectacular. The poor guy was egged and on top of that he was covered with syrup, white flour, dog food, and tomato ketchup.

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