Shairoz + Avez | Ismaili Muslim Sangeet Ceremony | South Asian Wedding Photographer in Atlanta | Sonesta of Gwinnett Place

As a South Asian Wedding Photographer in Atlanta, we love capturing the Sangeet Ceremony which usually takes place the night before the wedding day. It is a very lively event where you have  family and friends performing to various Bollywood songs. The event is upbeat with lively music and it’s full of fun. In other words, it is another version of the wedding reception with a bollywood twist. Of course, like every South Asian Weddings, it is filled colors.

Shairoz and Avez decided to skip the traditional wedding reception and go all out on the sangeet ceremony. The sangeet ceremony took place at the Sonesta of Gwinnett Place in Duluth, GA. It consisted of almost 450 invited guests and everyone showed up time. Well, ok there was a 30 minute delay but that is usually considered to be acceptable considering how notorious we Indians and Pakistanis are when it comes to punctuality.

The Ismaili sangeet ceremony for Shairoz and Avez consisted of various performances on bollywood tunes. In addition, there were a couple of speeches from friends from both sides. For a South Asian Wedding Photographer in Atlanta, this is a boon considering the amount of candid moments one can capture during the entire sequence of events. You have moments that are filled with humor and the same time you usually have a speech here and there which is filled with emotions. Usually, it’s the bride’s best friend or the sister who does this particular speech. We were a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to capture a lot of dancing after the speeches and performances due to the fact the families wanted to do their portraits with Shairoz and Avez. Hey, if you have a South Asian Bride who looks like a million bucks then who wouldn’t want to capture a moment with them on the stage.

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