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We have been Indian Wedding Photographers in Atlanta since 2008 and we strive to utilize amazing lighting in every Indian wedding we capture in Atlanta or elsewhere. Capturing wedding photography can be stressful but if the lighting is perfect then it makes our job a bit less stressful and even more amazing. As Indian wedding photographers in Atlanta,  we usually strive to achieve better quality of light rather than the quantity of light.

In order to capture Shairoz and Avez, we had to battle the sun considering the fact that their Ismaili Nikkah was going to be held around 3:30pm and the time to capture their wedding portraits was assigned around 2pm. This presented a difficult challenge for me as the sun was directly above us; however I must credit my Dad for giving me the knowledge on how to introduce the concept of flash photography while battling the 2 o’clock sun. Sure, we could have taken the easy way out and looked for a shaded area to capture their wedding couple portraits. However, some situations cannot be controlled and to come out with amazing wedding portraits during the 2 o’clock afternoon sun is what separates the best Indian wedding photographers in Atlanta from the good ones. We are not trying to brag about ourselves as we believe that there is always more to learn; however every photographer, whether it be an amateur or semi-professional or a professional, should take pride in the quality of work they do and as Indian wedding photographers in Atlanta we are no different.

Our wedding day started as usual with capturing the bride and groom getting ready for their big day. Thereafter, we carried out their couple portraits at McDaniel Farm Park in Duluth, GA followed by their Nikkah Ceremony at The Atlanta Northeast Jamatkhana in Duluth, GA.  After the Nikkah Ceremonies, we went to Avez’s house where both Shairoz and Avez were welcomed by the Maredia family. Finally, our day ended with a small dinner event followed by the traditional farewell ceremony of Shairoz from her house.

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