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Farah and Akil’s Indian Wedding was the last wedding we captured in the summer. Every wedding we cover is special; however we decided to highlight this Muslim Indian wedding first because this one is special with a twist. The wedding event took place at the beautiful East Ivy Mansion in Nashville, TN. It’s an amazing feeling when our wedding photography studio gets recommended by family members. It was not any different here since Farah was recommended by her elder sister whose Indian wedding we had captured in Knoxville, TN in 2015. At the time when we were booked, we had no idea about Akil’s family. Fast forward to the first day of the wedding festivities and we find out that Akil’s parents’ wedding was covered by La Bella Studio as well back home in Bombay, India.

The Nashville Indian Wedding started with the traditional pithi ceremonies in the Ismaili culture. The pithi ceremony is similar to the Gujurati Weddings where turmeric is applied on the Bride and Groom. The symbolism behind it is that it cleans the skin and makes the bride and groom have a warm glow on their wedding day. Of course, after the pithi cermony is over, the groom is hammered with a combination of eggs, milk, honey, syrup, flour, and many other grocery items. This part of the event is a ritual which only happens in Ismaili weddings. It can be really interesting or it can be a disaster…Let’s just I am glad there have been long telephoto lens.

After the pithi, Farah and Akil had their Sangeet ceremony which usually consists of dances and performances. Both of them along with their friends had some stellar performances in front of the pool. We got some amazing images of the groups dancing in front of the pool at East Ivy Mansion . The reflection of the performers agains the water is always a bonus for any photographer regardless of being an Indian Wedding photographer or any other type of photographer.

On the final day, we had the traditional Ismaili wedding ceremony and like always we were told that it was not allowed to capture…This is one of our biggest pet peeves in the community. Unlike other Indian Weddings, only the Ismaili culture has such vast inconsistencies with capturing this event. The reason I can say that is because I am an Ismaili as well and it solely up to the discretion of the area community leader…It’s unfortunate. Anyhow, I didn’t mean to go off topic. After the Ismaili Nikkah, we had our beautiful wedding portraits with Farah and Akil. The evening ended with a beautiful wedding reception that consisted of serious dancing and lots of fun.

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