Nishi + Hardik | Gujurati Indian Wedding | Montgomery, Alabama

The last few weeks have been medically challenging to get some gujurati indian wedding photography blog posts.  I was physically challenged due to broken hand. In the process of trying to get that fixed, a whole another array of health issues had arised which was certainly a reality check to get things in order. Well, we are back and we are back with our first of many Indian weddings from the year of 2018. This gujurati wedding took place in Montgomery, Alabama. We were quite surprised by the history and beauty of this place. One would think a town like such wouldn’t hold much of a scenic background for wedding photography. We were dead wrong. This is definitely one of our favorite places for wedding portraits.

Nishi and Hardik are a gujurati indian wedding couple who we had the pleasure of capturing in good ole’ Montgomery, Alabama. They were a very cute wedding couple so we had to work along those lines trying to capture their wedding portraits. Their indian wedding was a 2 day event. It was a very initimate wedding with lots of radiant colors. More importantly, it was definitely nothing short of amazing people. There were inconveniences with the hot and humid weather; however, the hospitality of our couple made it nothing short of awesome.

Our first wedding portrait session took us to downtown Montgomery. Thankfully, it was a weekend so the streets were empty and our creative eye as Indian wedding photographers was full on point. We had flexibility to move around at will without being haggled by anyone. Sure, we had the occasional folks complementing the beautiful Gujurati Indian bride and groom but that is normal. Our second portrait session happened to be at the Riverfront in Montgomery, Alabama. This was an amazing place with even a better backdrop. It had a train station that always gives us the goosebumps because it triggers the highest creative eye for our wedding photography. For our glimpses below, we have decided to use some wedding portraits from downtown and the actual riverfront. Please see below to view the images.


Gujurati Indian Wedding Photographer in Downtown Montgomery in AlabamaIndian Wedding couple at the State Capitol of AlabamaBest Indian Wedding Photographer in Atlanta, Georgia and Montgomery, AlabamaDowntown Mongtomery Indian Wedding Portrait Session

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